Welcome to Dale's Funky Glass.

I have been experimenting, learning, enjoying and trying new glass fusing techniques for the past 15+ years.  I love opening up the kiln to see what has happened & how the glass has been transformed.  I enjoy making & pre-fusing pieces that can be used as design elements in larger pieces.  Some current techinques that I am working on include wire melts, pattern flow bars, vitrograph cane/murine, and kiln cast pendants.  Here are a few of my recent pieces of fused glass art, I hope that you enjoy them!

On The Edge Wire Melt

The center wire melt is made by melting pieces of glass through a metal screen at 1700 degrees.  Strips of French Vanilla glass are cut and stacked on edge to form the exterior.  The piece is then refused, & Then coldworked to finish it.

Pattern Flow Bar Trivet

Colored pieces of glass are cut, stacked several inches high, and placed within a "box" in the kiln.  The glass is melted into a block, which is then cut open with a diamond tile saw, revealing the flowing strips of glass.  the flow bar strips are then comined with cut sheet glass, fused, coldworked, and fused a third time to slump the item and give it the final shape.


Kiln Cast Heart Pendant

This piece is made with hand pulled venetian cane, cross section pieces are arranged in a mold, cast and coldworked to form the final piece

Schedule-Upcoming Art Fairs

Shop Small Saturday, at The Grand in Northfield, 11/30/19, 10 am-3 pm

10,000 drops Distillery Holiday Spirits Bazaar, 12/7/19, noon-5 pm, Faribault, MN

Paradise Center for the , Faribault, MN-gift shop sales & holiday sale, Nov-Dec. 19

Minnetonka, Arts of the Holidays, Nov-Dec. 2019

Fused Glass classes,  2019

Learn how to create unique fused glass pieces of art that can be used as pendants or magnets.  You can keep them for yourself of give away as gifts. 

Classes in my studio in Northfield, last about 2 hours, and the cost is $35.  You will get to make 5 items (pendants/magnets/key chains etc.)  while having fun & learning about fused glass.

Upcoming Fused glass classes:

-Nov. 8th, Deer Hunters Glass Social, 7 pm. Join us for a fun class while your siginficant other is out deer hunting.  We'll have munchies, bring your favorite beverage, & make some glass. Northfield Studio.

-Dec. 8, 3 pm,  (or 13th at 6:30 pm?), , Join us at out studio in Nfld  to make Christmas ornamnets or pendants

For photos of previous classes go to the photo galleries under Workshops-fused glass

-Interested in a "Girls Night Out"? We can schedule a fun social with beverages and some fused glass fun!

-Get together with family & friends, join us for coffee, treats, & fusing fun.

 E-mail me if you would like to join or schedule a class([email protected]).