New Kiln Cast Pendants-Made with Hand Pulled Venetian Cane

These are my newest Style of pendants.  The process to make them takes about 4 days to complete each pendant.   I hand pull the venetian cane which is then cut into pieces and fired in a mold.  After the first firing the fused piece is then cold worked to smooth our the edges, and then the piece is either re-fired or hand polished to finish off the piece. 



I have been doing a lot of experimenting with wire melts, creating real fluid organic pieces.  After a having a couple of pieces crack in the kiln (a real bummer after spending a couple of days working on a piece), I have put together a couple of awesome pieces.  I love the interaction of colors and the patterns that form with this techinque, here are a couple of examples:

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Pattern Bar Melts

I have been doing alot of experimenting with this new technique.  Strips of glass are stacked up, and melted into a block which is then cut crosswise with a diamond tile saw blade.  THe strips are then used as design elements, fused into larger pieces.  When the strips are opened up, the "butterfly patterns" reveal the flowing glass pattern bar melts.